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Originally Posted by pike2350 View Post
I know I'm weird but we don't shit or piss with the other in the bathroom. My wife has had to pee while I'm in the shower a few times in other years together...but I don't listen and she tries to never do it.... and it's only when there is a curtain, not a glass door.

I would NEVER do with her in the room. Hell some people make fun of me but I still haven't farted in front of my wife....except twice when they slipped out....but that's it.

I figure she doesn't need to hear/ deal with it and I respect her too much.

All this is ironic because I find potty humor fucking hilarious and will actual cry while laughing so hard to some of that humor.
That's how it is in our house too.

Had problems booking hotels in Asia where there seems to be a trend for glass walls between the bedroom and bathroom. I might be old fashioned but, in my opinion, taking a dump isn't a spectator sport.
If there's one thing I can't stand, it's intolerance.
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