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My driveway is a few 100 feet long.
I do not have room to turn around when I have my trailer attached so I have to back out, no big deal I do it a few times a week.
Well yesterday I was backing out going around a little curve I have on the driveway. I have a truck I bought to resell parked over to the side.
Car trailers do suck backing up as they sit low and are hard to see.
I lost site of it for a second and instead of proceeding with caution I just 'sent it' - right into the bumper of the truck.
Fuck me! I've have never hit anything before, not even while delivering firewood
Ordered a new bumper for it today and will have to have it painted. Damn truck was super nice, no paint issues on it at all.
Really pissed that I did that.
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