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Originally Posted by wheelerfreak View Post
Tech is full of shit on all of that. As you found out from the trans shop, the interval for a flush is much shorter, especially if you tow often. Ford gives a recommendation of a lifetime fluid because as long as it lasts the warranty period that is all they give a fuck about. Beyond that and it's on the poor sap that believed their change intervals.
They also got rid of the dipstick to save a few pennies a truck and it was not to benefit an owner, especially one that maintains their truck.
well that was a Ford tech.
the actual tranny shop tech did not agree, and said much the same as you stated.

I don't know if a flush/change would have caused the corrosion issuee to fail earlier or been found at all. Overall I was just ticked off that ALL maintenance had been done at/by the dealer, and they did not see/notice/recommend any problems with the lines during "inspections"

I like to think I am proactive with repairs before they become problems, and would have OK'd new lines before they failed... opposed to the shit show we just dealt with.

I had wanted to get 10yrs out of my truck, 6.5yrs & 143K km later and I've put close to $6kCdn into repairs, it has me rethinking the 10yr goal. Next year I may be truck shopping.

Also thinking an F250 gasser may be a better option. I don't tow/haul near this trucks max, nor will I, but if a 3/4 ton is built a little tougher/robust I'd spend the extra for piece of mind... and hope to get 10yrs out of that.
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