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Conversion to Toyota axles

Hi All, as I posted on a different thread, acquired a CJ3A with some mods by the PO - Ford 302 motor, stock D25 and D44, Dana18 guts into a Dana20 case, A 4-speed Ford Toploader manual tranny and R/P steering (doh). The wheels are alloy with some ridiculous negative offset with 33x12.5 tires on - so sidewall to sidewall, it is almost 65".

After trying some off-road simulations in a parking lot, one of my build objectives is to put a reasonably priced e-locker in the front and rear.

I would've left the stock D25 in place and replaced R/P with crossover steering but the steering knuckles had been heavily modded so my choices are - either find stock knuckles for D25 and start from there, or, upgrade the front to a D30. Researching narrow track CJ D30, they seem to be rare and not very well supported in terms of spares and lockers. Next, even the wide track CJ D30 isn't all that easy to find and support. At least, hard to find any around here in the SF Bay Area. And then the ever wider TJ/YJ D30 becomes a different system altogether and is wide enough where I will have to replace the rear D44 too. Or, at least, this is the conclusion I have come to after researching axle upgrade options.

Now, I will admit, as the owner of a FJZ80, UJZ100, and having owned a '85 pickup, I do have a huge Toyota bias And my buddy who's going to do the wrenching is also a Toyota guy.

My plan is:
- acquire Toyota 4runner/pickup front solid and rear axles
- Mod the t-case to go center rear driveshaft or swap with a Dana20
- The rear will need spring perches to be moved
- the front will need spring perches to be moved and steering will need some figuring out depending on how the springs sit against the stock steering knuckles - maybe do high steer.
- brake master conversion is already on the cards, go from single master to dual so can address lines from US to metric.
- follow guides/plans for putting 8" e-locker into Toy axles. Plenty of 8" e-lockers available and cheaper than doing eaton e-locker in a Dana axle. Also, not doing ARB, I am sold on e-lockers.
- with some zero/positive offset wheels and 10.5" wide tires, maybe I will end up with the same overall width as now but with stronger axles and drivetrain.

Spot any deal breakers or sticky issues? The steering gearbox placement is a tbd but would like to know what people have done with a SBC/SBF swap for steering?


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