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Originally Posted by sjsamurai View Post
Researching narrow track CJ D30, they seem to be rare and not very well supported in terms of spares and lockers. Next, even the wide track CJ D30 isn't all that easy to find and support. At least, hard to find any around here in the SF Bay Area. And then the ever wider TJ/YJ D30 becomes a different system altogether and is wide enough where I will have to replace the rear D44 too. Or, at least, this is the conclusion I have come to after researching axle upgrade options.
A Jeep/dana is probably the most well supported segment in the industry. Nothing rare about 1970s-80s CJ parts.

Originally Posted by sjsamurai View Post
I do have a huge Toyota bias And my buddy who's going to do the wrenching is also a Toyota guy.
This is definitely the driving force.

Is your willys SOA or SUA?
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