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Originally Posted by Black Sheep View Post
This is definitely the driving force.
Point taken but like I said before the driving force for me is to put an e-locker at a reasonable price. Looks like the answer for Dana 30 (wide or narrow) is going to be an eaton locker that is about $1k? Add to that cost to rebuild the diff that starts at $500 around here, plus other parts to refresh/refurbish - and we are at almost $2k an axle. By comparison, for a Toyota axle, I can pretty much find a used 8" diff with e-locker and 4.30 gears and pop it in. Yes, the diff housing will need some work to fit an e-locker into a solid front axle but I should still save a lot per axle compared to a Dana/30+e-locker. Am I thinking right?

Is your willys SOA or SUA?
Ugh! So, to keep the Ford 302 oil sump pan from hitting the front 3rd member, they did SOA in the front but left the rear SUA. I want to go back to being SUA and reduce the lift to only what's necessary to fit a 33" because I like the lower ride of the original CJ3A setup. I am looking at various pan options here - from old Bronco pans to this one:

Originally Posted by GTOffroader View Post
I have 2 D30 housings along with a complete Dana 30 in Atlanta, GA and I can't give the things away. I think you're just looking in the wrong places.

A D30 in place of a D25/27 will be a bolt in swap. Very easy.
Searching local Craigslist, I could find only an old beaten up narrow track D30. There are more wide track D30 available but wide track is 56" and at that is the point where I was thinking I might as well swap in a solid axle Toyota axle that is about 55".

Originally Posted by Beat95YJ View Post
Iím wondering about spring width. Iím wondering if you will have to outboard.
Question - if the wide track D30, which is 56", is a straight up bolt on then why would the 55" wide Toyota axle need out-boarding?

Dana 30ís are everywhere and damn near free?
Take a look here

Not exactly free but sure, the wide track are definitely more available than narrow track. Two issues for me (1) cost to fit an e-locker (2) lots of geared lower to 3.55 whereas I am already at 4.11 and with the Ford 302 motor and tranny that I have, I actually want lower gearing. The cost to put in new gears and rebuild the diff are pretty steep here.

As an example, I recently swapped out the unlocked axles in my '97 LandCruiser for locked axles. It was cheaper for me to find, ship and install used locked axles than have the current set rebuilt and have lockers installed.
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