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Originally Posted by Filthy McChevy View Post
I have 2 now. Bought a 14 AWD Charger for my wife at 13k, its about to hit 100k, has had lots of oil changes, 4 or 5 sets of tires, because I rotate snow tires on in the winter, 4 factory recalls, 1 of which was for wheel chocks, and no other issues.

Bought a 02 Neon with 192k for 300 bucks, put a few hundred more dollars into tires, motor mounts, fluid changes including the transaxle, have put close to 10k on it in a year. AC even works.

We had an 01 Neon. I think it had roughly 180k on it when we sold it. I put a fuel pump, shifter cable bushings and spark plugs in it the 150k we owned it. Thing burned itís fair share of oil but was a great car. I liked it better than the brand new Kia Rio that replaced it.
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