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Originally Posted by slobrorunner View Post
The 5 on 5.5 with a big bearing spindle is some Dodge hub setup. It is normal just not as common. I'd take that locker apart when you get it out and make sure it isn't cracked or real thin and going to crack in the roots of those grooves.

Looks like someone put time and money into it at some point, but like Frank said, if you're going high HP or big tires you may want to cut your losses and go to a 60.

If this were my axle (I have a very similar axle with chomos and CTMs rather than RCVs), I would consider doing this kit from Carl to improve R&P strength:
If I blow the gears out of my low pinion 44 this is what I’ll do. If I hadn’t gotten a cheap Arb and had to actually pay full price this is a no brainer. But again a 60 ain’t much more and you can shave a high pinion 60.

Edit: is the dodge hub able to go on to Chevy big bearing spindles? As in bearing spacing the same?
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