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Originally Posted by rockbuggy84 View Post
Here’s a quick rundown of his post when he arrives.

“I don’t tell anyone how or what they believe, but it’s real and you’re a denier and need to believe the science”

“Show me proof that the science is inaccurate”

“I don’t believe all the sources that say the science is adjusted”

“Well you all have very valid points and the science does seem to be adjusted so that they get the answer they’re looking for”

“I never told you that you should believe it, simply that it’s my belief and you need to listen to the science”

Yes, circles. He talks in them. Just like the rest of the morons that believe this shit.
Here I am! Sorry to keep you guys waiting. I'm glad I have been able to give everyone something to do everytime a climate change article is posted. Turns out I don't even need to post anymore, you guys quote me(albeit with a somewhat sarcastic slant that I'm not sure is very flattering) anyway.

Virtue signalling of any type is stupid, and I don't blame people who are sick of the shit. Probably one of the big reasons Trump got elected to the Whitehouse.

Just because some assholes appropriate the cause to make themselves look righteous doesn't mean it's not a worthy cause that doesn't have merit.

There really is a lot of science to back it up, and a lot of other scientists outside the field who have no skin in the game have read what's published and agree with it... Of course there are also plenty of experts in the actual field who also echo those sentiments, but they're all part of the climate change conspiracy, so we can't believe them.

You do you and keep on nodding your head to whatever strokes your confirmation bias, and I'll keep nodding my head to whatever strokes my confirmation bias and we'll see where it ends up. I'm sure if this whole save the planet thing is bullshit, it'll all work out your way in the end anyhow.
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