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Originally Posted by Shadow man View Post
Believe what you want to believe. I know it's a religion to you Liberals, but as you Liberals like to preach, Keep your fucking religion to yourself! I'm sick of hearing about the now, "Climate Change" BULLSHIT! No fuck, it's Fall now.
I want separation of YOUR Church and State. Keep it to yourself and quit trying to cram it down our throats as the message is old, tired and certainly worn out.

Something to think about...

Do you CH minions really believe we are going to Die Off? Do you really believe even with a 5 -10 degrees of weather temperature average "change" that will kill off Humans? Do you really believe a rising sea level will drown everyone?

Lets put some FACTS out there.

It isn't the STRONG that survives. That's a shitty , piss poor misconception. The FACT is, it's those that can ADAPT! That is the reality. Humans have left the confines on this bubble. Humans has been to the bottom of the sea. Humans have been to the highest mountains. Humans LIVE in the coldest part of the world. Humans live in the hottest parts also. Humans adapt!

So yes, humans WILL survive no matter the weather or enviroment. THAT IS A PROVEN FACT. You people are just too comfortable.

So keep your god damn climate change BULLSHIT to yourself and I won't bitch at you CH Minions.

All you're doing in this post is arguing with yourself. I have never made a claim that humans were going to die off, or that a rising sea level will drown everyone. The only bullshit that needs to be kept to itself is your strawman argument.
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