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Originally Posted by Technohead View Post
Europe is not nearly as united behind the current crop of socialist/globalist leaders as the media would have you believe. There are trump juniors popping up everywhere over there.
Yes. Led and enabled by Trumpy Cat. Perfect psychological warfare is what you can observe here.

It's a 12% idiot Nazis (Trumps camp) vs. the rest over here in Germany. No chance for the right, realistically.

France is quite a bit worse. But then again,. it's a shithole anyhow. France and UK, they have the biggest problems with niquas and shit as well.
UK has retarded people that forget history and young women that "freely" demand the niqab. UK keeps them as dumb as the USA does.

France banned the Niqabs because they are Nazis.
In Naziland only the lowest level immigrants will be wearing it. Educated women choose not to (typically)
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