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Originally Posted by OverthrottleV2 View Post
I have been following him for a couple years. His vids are always entertaining and I often learn some new excavating tricks. He is pretty skilled with his equipment.

Actually no, you will see him move his camera tripods from time to time throughout the videos. He also has a drone he utilizes a lot for the moving shots. He will occasionally have a helper for manual labor, but usually its him and his dog.

It seemed fitting for some old beat to shit dodges lol. He got the job done and it was his own shit. He actually does a pretty good job on customer work.

I remember on a septic system install he had to dig up and move a leach bed like 3 different times because the engineer kept changing the plans on him. She would show up on the site and completely change the shit on him. Plus made him change the storm drainage system twice, even though it was always done according to her plans. He handled a hell of a lot better than I would have. He just sucked it up and got back to work every time.
I liked the stone steps he placed from junk he found while excavating the leech field.
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