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Originally Posted by sterlingfire View Post
Doesn't matter, ground up or top down you'll never get it perfect. Too many people are for themselves and not for the good of all. It's a mindset we as Americans have come to adopt. Nobody wants to sacrifice their piece of the pie to make the whole better. Even you, even me, everyone is lame on this subject. I mean fuck, look at all the assholes on the highways. Can't even find it inside themselves to give people enough space to get on the e way. You really think if they had a hand in government they would all the sudden change? Fuckin joke get over it
I did my time on a city council. Shit takes a long time to learn how to do right and lawfully. We did everything in our power to do right by there municipality, but still to this day i have to have safety measures in place because there's that one guy that didn't like how we did things. Blames us for his recklessness, and even threatened justice on us, whether in a court of law or not. I have taught my wife and children the value of situational awareness... just hoping they don't need to use the things i taught them about self defense.
this is correct, which is why the only solution to government is to make sure it's not large and powerful enough to be used by corrupt people.
Electricity is really just organized lightning.
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