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Originally Posted by 87manche View Post
this is correct, which is why the only solution to government is to make sure it's not large and powerful enough to be used by corrupt people.
Too late. Too many people can't think for themselves. Too many are brainwashed into believing they NEED the governmental hand to be kept safe. If we clean the slate how do we determine that the next group won't take more advantage than this group? I once thought that maybe mandatory lottery would pick ther next litter... won't work. Too many variables in the human psyche. Too much mental illness to leave it up to chance... if given the authority, do you believe you could do better by the people? I doubt it, i doubt any of us can. I can lead the revolution, can you follow my orders to the T and believe wholeheartedly that im doing right? That im not doing what's in my best interest? That the whole thing wasn't a rouse to get myself into power? These are the questions that would be in the back of our minds during a revolution. These are the things that are wrong with our governmental leaders as of right now. Please tell me how to choose new leaders that will have the best interest of the whole nation in the forefront, and not be great liars like the current set of sand baggers???
I can talk you into believing that im all for helping, that im about saving us from our own demise... but i can also lie like a mother fucker, and so can't the rest of you. Now I R sad
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... Well first off FUCK JEEPS..
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