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Originally Posted by scenicruiser549 View Post
Diesel don't typically wear rings out, plus new rings require a hone not a back yard thing on a hand drill, thats caveman.
So even if you could rering you have not addressed what the problem is .

One needs to measure the cylinders, ring lands, or just start guessing and hoping.
Not worth it.
STFU noob. You have no idea wtf you are talking about.

OP, just pull the engine out. Its a PITA ass to get the oil pan off the engine with it in the truck. Even then, I don't think #5 and #6 piston and rod will come out between the block and the cowl...and thats after you remove a 200# cylinder head.

Just pull the engine and do it right. #6 for sure, and #1 probably needs bored and honed anyway.
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