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Originally Posted by Black Sheep View Post
That's your opinion, nothing factual or first hand knowledge with CR 5.9s. Just "I talk to people".
Well, if I've been seeing all these sharp CR trucks running around, thinking it'd be nice to have one, and I turn to my right, and ask my trusted co worker, a fellow diesel mechanic, how he likes his, and he responds that he loves it, other than it had a failed injector and a washed cylinder at 120k miles. I don't know if I'd need to actually have paid the bill with my first hand to have any better knowledge of that particular situation, now multiply that over a dozen or so conversations with a dozen or so owners.

I own a 3rd gen gas truck, it was a wreck I rebuilt, I've driven it, sat in the seats, I've had parts and pieces of the interior out, compared to my 2nd gen trucks, the early 3rd gen interior quality is shit, first hand.

I've seen enough of a trend, watching closely, that I'm not spending my money on them, I'm buying 1st and 2nd gen dodges, 7.3 psds and an lly duramax, with my money, 1st hand
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