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Originally Posted by Dookey View Post
I kinda felt like Albon shouldn't have left the door open for Hambone to stick his foot in.

I still feel like Vettel is mentally done. He isn't in it anymore and just playing the role. He's had too many mistakes over the past 2 seasons.
Originally Posted by MattS View Post
It doesn't help that the kid they hired to take Kimi's spot has a head like a fucking hot air balloon. I have watched the wreck about 15 times. Yes Vettel moved. But he was also coming over to the racing line and trying to get in front. Charles has no self preservation and reminds me of Max his first few years. Stubborn AF and thinks he's always right. Yeah so he would had to back out and let Vettel pass. Get him back the next corner. Not be an ass and ruin both cars and be out of the race. Yeah sure he's fast. But being fast for most of the race doesn't get points or a win.
I think he thinks he's Senna. Senna was famous for putting himself in a spot that was going to make both cars crash if his opponent didn't give way.
Originally Posted by Mustard Dog
Me and my co driver were running across the Lakebed on our way to pre run when we saw :gary: walking his dog.

We didn't stop to say hi cause he's a fucking douchebag.
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