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Originally Posted by 06 H3 View Post
Because I had the 205 laying around so long waiting for the doubler I had it sitting for so long I must have forgot to put those 15 little needle bearings in. What a pain....So I got that back together and made the noise MUCH better but still noise was present.
Glad you figured that out before making the trip to Cali. That could have been catastrophic.

Originally Posted by 06 H3 View Post
I then found out I had an old style ring gear and a new style planetary. Wonderful....This is why your best to get a donor case and not mix/match these parts.
Oooof that's scary haha. Glad you figured that out, too.

Originally Posted by 06 H3 View Post
Crazy or stupidity, you pick.
Why not both?

Originally Posted by 06 H3 View Post
I still had the encoder motor plugged in but it wouldnt go into low range. The encoder motor was attached to the back of the factory case. I would let it shift even though nothing is attached to it and go into low. I think the encoder motor coincidentally died after pulling my old case. So with no real way to be shifting gears I dealt with the computer going haywire and literally had to winch HUNDREDS of feet out of this sand hill. It took hours and it sucked really bad. After that we got back to camp and the weather sucked, feeling pist off and not wanting to deal with weather we left to head to my buddy's house about 90 miles away. On the way to his house the damn doubler kept popping out of low. eventually we just towed it to his place. My plan was to leave it there anyway and fly home and come back in January for another run and then KOH, then drive it back. Now I am going to pull the case the weekend I go back.

I spoke with Behemoth and he thinks it's one or two things, the snap ring for the front input let loose and is allowing it to walk in the housing or we found out I have the narrower width bearing when I need the wide double row bearing which is 4mm thicker and allowing the case to walk around. THIS IS WHY I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN A DONOR CASE instead of mixing and matching but I got a super good free deal which was cool and appealing but now I know. The reason we don't think its the shifter is because when you hold the lever with your hand and let it run in neutral you feel like the shifter hub is walking back and forth. I was told the input snap rings stretch and since I had to swap the planetary's I had that in and out a couple times. So when I fly to my buddy's in January I will bring the right bearing and a new snap ring. I will ship him a new DIY Tie rod to weld up and a new ram so she's ready for KOH.
In the interest of having ALL the possible parts you need, perhaps it'd be wise to ship him an entire NP241 front case half? That way you know it's all matched and your risk minimized. Just a thought.

Originally Posted by 06 H3 View Post
I will wire in a switch to ground out the 4wd signal to the PCM so this computer stops freaking out. Probably easier then doing a new VSS in the back of the trans or something.
Where is your current VSS? In the NP205 output?

Originally Posted by 06 H3 View Post
After those struggles I felt defeated and angry. I felt like my rig is too big, heavy and dumb for the hammers and I should build a late 80's square body S10 since they are little and light but after a good night sleep I am ready to keep pushing the big rig! The last time I felt that way was when I was stock and broke a tie rod and questioned should I sell the H3 and buy a jeep. Luckily both times a good night sleep will snap me out of those thoughts. they are growing pains from a shakedown run that you deal with when building a rig not many others build.

The key takeaways were driving 840 miles successfully, getting the plaque on sledge and a new suspension that feels MUCH better.
Yeah it's always tough when a fresh build has issues, but I think if you keep after the gremlins, you'll have a super stout drivetrain again and not have to worry. The silver lining is that the suspension seemed to work flawlessly and you should be proud about that.
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