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Originally Posted by Clodhopper View Post
gave up after ep.4. Too much time spent on the wicked chick witches and not enough time with the namesake of the show.

The show is called the witcher but he's not the main character in the actual saga, just one of them. Ciri is the true main character and the entire story revolves around her, and she gets trained as a witcher. Think Arya from game of thrones, but way more bad ass and skilled in every aspect, plus magic... The first season is leading up to the main saga, its not the actual main story. The last episode sets up the rest, and since season two is green lit already we can assume the story transitions into a linear telling of the rest of the story. The first two books do the same time jumps and are all over the place basically because they are just a collection of short stories, but they follow the characters without going as deep into the witches back stories. The show is diving deeper than the books into Yen, but they do talk about the history and the women play a major part in the rest of the story so its cool to see the history and a little more detail than the books delve in to.

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