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Track-Kick Transfer Case SYE question (Kid Buggy)

Older time Pirate Guy, new to the Suzuki platform.

I'm currently building a smallish buggy for my son, I purchased a Samurai for the front axle, and the case (saved for another project at some point), a 1996 sidekick with a 1.6 16v 5 speed and 5.13's for parts, and then a 2000 tracker with a 2.0 and auto with 4.62's.

I'm currently getting the 2000 stripped so the driveline can go on to my chassis cart and noticed both of the shafts are slip yoke going into the case.

After some searching (Yes I searched ) it appears that there is some aftermarket support for the earlier vintage tacker case -pre 98 but I haven't found anything for the newer case (Post 1998).

Do I need to steal the case out of my 96 to bolt to the 2000 4 speed auto? Is there a hack and tap option with sami flanges or yota flanges for the 2000 case?

I assume I need to keep the 2000 case so the computer has the speed signal to shift properly?

Does anyone have a direction to take on this?

Any help or guidance is appreciated.

Edit- looks like a Dana 300 and a rad designs shifter might be a potential solution after some additional reading.

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