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22re Burning Oil

1985 22RE Pickup 1 ton (Work Truck)


- Burns 1 quart every 12 gallons of gas
- White Smoke from exhaust for the first 10 minutes in the morning when the truck is warming up. (Mornings have been 40-50 degrees)
- Oil Pressure seems too high to me (numbers are below)
- Inconsistent Idle (750 - 1100rpms)
- The motor has a slight miss
- Heater does not get hot very quickly and does not feel like it gets all the way hot


- Replaced TPS 2 years ago because truck started running bad - Problem fixed
- Noticed truck was burning a good amount of oil about the same time
- Replaced PCV
- Removed and Cleaned EGR
- Removed and cleaned intake manifold and throttle body (Bother were caked with black)
- Cleaned baffle in the valve cover

As of Today:

- Had motor rebuilt 6 months ago but the guy who did it sucked so I would not be surprised if he messed something up.
- Replaced PCV again today
- Checked Oil Pressure
- Cold Idle > 65psi
- Cold 3000rpm > 85psi
- Hot Idle > 22psi
- Hot 3000rpm > 75psi
- Check Compression
- Dry > 180psi on all Cylinders
- Wet > 185psi on all Cylinders
- No check engine light codes
- Checked for Vacuum leaks with carb clean
- Check Timing
- 5 degrees with terminal "T" shorted
- 11-12 when the motor is warm

Truck runs pretty good and has lots of power. Open to any suggestions, thank you

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