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Originally Posted by crash View Post
#1--DOCUMENT.. The best thing you can do is actually document the amount of oil consumed to the mileage. This was always the first step we took when there was an oil consumption issue. I will take a while to get the facts in front of you--but you will have a strong leg to stand on legally speaking if it has to go that route.

Thats your starting point since you paid for a service. Don't go tearing it apart or you will loose the leverage you have to have the shop take care of there problem....
I have been documenting everything. This rebuild has been going on since July with it being sent back to the shop to get fixed 3 times.

At this point, I just want to make sure that it is not something else unrelated to the work he did, before I place any blame on the shop.

I was looking for any other test or things I could check without tearing the motor apart. Unless someone has any ideas I think my next step is to take to another shop and have them document the problem so its a third party.

Originally Posted by ADD View Post
Valve guides sound like they could be shot
Is there anything I can check or test to confirm this?

Originally Posted by clb 017 View Post
Really should hand it back to the shop.
We had 2 engines rebuilt by a reputable shop not long ago, the dauntless started smoking
The owner of the shop redid the eng. At $0.00 cost to us.
Good or bad? I dunno.
Let him deal with it...
I handed it back to them 3 times now and they can't figure it out., it has 2 year warranty on it from them.

I am just looking to confirm the problem so I don't blame someone for something that is not related to their work.

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