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Originally Posted by blacksheep10 View Post
Ate at the same joint, very cool. Had a couple beers there as well. We had to take the Million dollar highway down in August this year as all the avalanches had the trail from the loop to Silverton blocked.
You could spend 2 days on the loop and concentrate on the north side/spurs/etc one day and do Lake city, then do the south half another and do Silverton.

IIRC Yankee boy is a spur off Imogene as well as Governor basin maybe? Either way you can hit it from either direction of travel on Imogene. We have a cool cookout spot/cave by a stream on Ouray side of Imogene we stop at. Reason I say to Imogene from Telluride to Ouray is because if BB is on the list, that is Ouray to Telluride only, then across town and have a beer, then up and over Ouray.
I ordered a Kolsch and the lady asked me if I was sure. She said... "you'll love it." When it arrived and had a floaty berry in it I told her that I finally understood. She said most people send it back because they weren't expecting something to be in their beer.

We ran Yankee Boy Basin separate from Imogene. I don't know if they connect but we ran it by itself and really enjoyed the views at the top. We were there in September so it was really cold up at the top everywhere we went. We always had a truck and trailer setup so we always stayed away from that whole area. Really happy to be in something we can pack all our crap in and enjoy stuff like the million dollar highway.

Top of Yankee Boy Basin.
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