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Originally Posted by Keydet15 View Post
I'd just run the low pinion Dana 30. Or bypass the collar on the HP dana 30 by reusing your ZJ passenger side shaft and closing up the hole with a small plate. The vacuum and cable operated stuff blows for the collar on the shaft. LP dana 30 is just fine.

You can get by on a zj pump and steering box with 35s. It will struggle in piles of rocks if you are at a stand still. If you feel the need for assist just tap your current box and add a power steering cooler on the low pressure return side of the plumbing system.

Thanks for the reply . I went ahead and moved on and decided to keep the low pinion . Got the truss today plan on welding it on Friday after work and installing the steering . 99 percent sure the cheap ass freedom
Off road trac bar I got isnít gonna fit the bill so I ordered some 7/8 heims and a trac bar bracket from ruff stuff . Not sure how much of a stretch Iím
Gonna be able to get but the plan is to go as far forward as I can without moving the steering box .

Another question I got tho is how do u maintain drop travel while running a short spring ? I wanna be around 4-4.5 ď of ride height . Do I just get some pipe and extend the bump stop ?

Doing this Iíll lose up travel right? So find the happy medium? This part in a sense has me stumped how guys stay low while keeping good travel numbers .

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