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Originally Posted by BDK View Post
Have been going through my parents house of 55 years because I am the executor of the estate. Finding a lot of stuff I never knew they had. Found all of my Grandfathers (Mothers Father) Ellis Island paperwork, permission to immigrate papers, even his application he filled out at the US consulate in Sudetenland, a portion of the Check Republic annexed by Hitler in 1938. Grandfather was a German citizen living in that area. His parents decided to get the hell out of there.

Found family history from my father's side dating back to just after the Revolutionary War (1790) from Ohio. Grandfather was a state trooper there before moving to California in 1930's. What a beautiful place Encinitas and San Diego must have been in those days. Found pictures of my dad while he was in the army in Korea. He never talked about that, ever. I know he wasn't there very long as the war ended about a month into his tour. Got my Dad's M1 Garand he bought for $3 from a pile of them at the PX after the war.

My parents, grandparents never seemed to be interested in our family history. They were much more interested in where they were going and not where they came from, so they didn't talk about it much.

Best part is my dad kept all of his dad's old tools and guns and no one else is interested in them.

The older I get the more interested I get in my familyís history. Maybe itís because all of my grandparents have passed and I feel like I am losing some of that.

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