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Expedition Vehicle - Vantaggio VDS 00

Hi guys, Iíve been following this forum since years but I havenít been active in years, Iím going to make a brief introduction.
My name is Giovanni Barbieri, Iím an architect 38 years old, Iím Chilean with an Italian background, and as you probably already notice, my english is far from good but Iím gonna try my best to explain this project.

Since forever Iíve been related to the off-road world thankís to my father who has been an enthusiast before I was born, Iíve been a traveler by myself having spend more time and money than I can actually afford on experiences around the world. I have always dream about designing and building my ideal Expedition Vehicle, now im getting closer to make that vision a reality and I would like to share it with you.

As an architect I have been in the business of designing and building houses for almost a decade and a half, but in the last years, we have also been designing and building ďmobile solutionsĒ for the agricultural, forestry, minery and gastronomic industry in Chile. We have learn a few things about frames, cabins, mechanisms, and different solutions that has help me a lot designing the ďVantaggio VDSĒ.

Vantaggio is my company and VDS means ďVeicoli Di SpedizioneĒ, The VDS is designed as a commercial Expedition Camper with flexibility and customization in mind. Everything was projected to be as customizable as possible in terms of dimensions, equipment, accessories, aesthetics and it has the flexibility to be mounted on different platforms new or used, from mid size pick-ups to trucks. This case study in particular is designed on a used Ram 2500 (Cummins 6.7lts) mainly because is a very popular truck down here in Chile and was designed for a customer which probably is gonna be the first proud (hope so) owner of a Vantaggio VDS. The design is approved and now we are working on quoting the whole project, if the price is correct, maybe we will start the production of the first VDS prototype in a few weeks.

The wheelbase in this particular case is 199Ē and the frame stretch is going to be performed by us in our facilities. The subframe is 3 point pivot torsion free and the cabin is also made by us out of a continuous steel coil sheet with a high density EPS nucleus. The mold we have developed to make this cabin, is modular so we have the flexibility to stretch the body to whatever size each different customer wants. This Cabin in particular is 6.250mm. long, 2.400mm. width and 2.200mm. tall.

In terms off design I wanted to make a contrast between the rugged exterior and a warmer interior, we want to offer different interior and exterior configurations as well as different optional equipment. For example, this first case of study have our unique rear tire design that offer multiple configurations and the slider with 700mm. of displacement and a toilet with separate shower.

The 3D renders of the project are very clear and they speak for themselves, Iím not going to give you a boring speech in a poor English. Thatís why Im going to upload as many pictures as necessary to explain the VDS, please feel free to share them and I cannot wait to have some feedback from you about your impressions on the project, The last weeks I have been very focused on it and I havenít had the chance to share with almost nobody, so any comments or or suggestions will be highly appreciated.

If you want to know more about this project, on the following facebook link you can see more images and information about the VDS, the description is in english, but auto translation works pretty good.

Facebook Link

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