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Originally Posted by Elwenil View Post
This is why nothing will come of the rally in Virginia tomorrow. Everyone opposes the Dems, but for different reasons and no one wants to fall in line or join up with others who disagree on a million random points. No, Trump is not perfect. No, I do not have all the answers people seem to need. But I do know that people not voting because they don't like any of the candidates or voting for a nobody who can't win is going to hand victory to the Dems and their socialist agendas every goddamn time. Thinking selfishly will cost us all much more than whatever swamp draining, drug or whatever you want. For need of "X" you will lose everything.
your posts are reading more and more like landslide's every day

better watch out and leave a night light on, "the dems" are hiding in your closet
while the R's are fucking your wife in the other room
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