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Originally Posted by Java View Post
Ok batteries are real tired.....

Pulled 101ah out. Was sitting at 12.2v with minimal load, and dropped to 11.9 anytime a decent load (heater or fridge) was applied.

Victron gauge is funky. 101ah pulled out, but was saying 86% bank left? I only have 500ah total.
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Originally Posted by Java View Post
Yes, you manually tell it how much capacity there is.

I need to adjust it to the aged batteries I guess. Looks like I have about 200ah total now.

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Depending on how deep you are wanting to go (AGM is not recommended below 50%) gives you your actual possible usage capacity, in your case maximum 250AH. If you are using high current loads over 10 amps the capacity is reduced further due to Peukert's law.

I have heard the Victron BMV and others don't account for Peukert effects as well as we might hope so a .00 decimal reading volt gauge and a SOC chart is a better gauge of charge.

How accurate is the gauge in the switch panel compared to the BMV?
The similar unit I put in my wifes SXS is .2v high.
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