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Originally Posted by CarterKaft View Post
No idea on sizing but I think two 100AH BattleBorn... or DIY CALB, Sinopoly etc. would fit with plenty of room left?
As much as I don't like the BattleBorn price they are hard to beat for a drop in.


I know that doesn't help you... 4 of the $99 6v GC2 batteries is a awesome bank for the price but is super heavy and takes up allot of real estate.
If you are limited by internal venting issues and restricted size, lithium would be my choice. I am a tight ass so I would go for china shipped modules or used automotive i.e. Nissan Leaf? modules with BattleBorn as a last resort. I kind of barfed the %30 tax credit on "solar" installs for 2019 that would have likely paid for the battery due to the installation costs being so high.
My issue with the lithium is they can't be charged under about 40 degrees. That doesn't work well for me for half the year..... And heating them with their own power seems silly (i don't have a way to duct heat there).
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