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Originally Posted by Eddie315 View Post
If you are asking whether a car will be sufficient enough to get from spot to spot then the answer is no. If you have a 2wd truck like a Tacoma or 1500 then yes. But barely. You'll have to park at the bottom of the hill going to backdoor and the bottom of Chocolate Thunder and walk up. Which will get annoying. The first year I went I had no idea what I was doing and showed up in a Hyundai Elantra and ended up hitch hiking to the spectator spots. Got to ride in some pretty cool rigs but since then I've always taken my crawler. A side-by-side is probably the best vehicle to have out there.

I drove a rental Nissan Versa out to King of the Hammers in 2016, and made it to all the spectator spots. Hell, I was even passing people in actual rigs in the whoops, and people applauded I made it so high up the spectator parking hill at Chocolate Thunder

Hell, honestly, it was a better time thrashing the rental around with buddies than watching the actual race

Originally Posted by VolcomMan View Post
We flew to Vegas and rented a 4wd truck to drive to KOH last year. Guy at the rental car place bought out 3 trucks and we turned them down. None of them were 4wd. He was so confused. We ended up walking around and finding a 4wd truck and told him this was what we wanted

2wd truck out there would be rough to get around in. 4wd truck or 4wd SUV and you're good.
We didn't do too bad cruising around in my buddy's 2wd Avalanche. It was a little tough getting over to Sledgehammer since he wasn't willing to give it the same treatment as the Versa.

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