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Originally Posted by 94toytruck View Post
It's just a old standard at this point. 27.5 is a gimmick they used to milk to the consumers wallet and rid the scene of a near endless supply of 26" parts. Just like plus bike tire sizes and wide rims are new but I have 35mm wide rims and 2.7-3.0 tires from back in the day still. They change the market standards to keep people spending.

I ride a Dartmoor Primal 27.5+ I built with a new frame and parts sourced off ebay cheap. If I have $700 into I'd be surprised.
I almost feel like the whole wheel size thing 27.5 and 29 is simply a fad to drive sales, which has prevented me from buying any MTB's at all recently. So you think 29" is where it is at?

Care to share the rest of your build on that frame?

I don't see the frame material listed here unless I'm missing something?
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