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Picked up my third Snap on KRL1001 box

Iíve got two already in my shop filled up. One I bought new in the early 90ís after the Crapco (matco) bod fell apart after one year old and the tool guy wouldnít stand behind it. Thatís another story of its own. Second one I bought pretty cheap from a fella in TN around 6ish years ago.

Messing around on CL I stumbled across another one. Selling it cheap and possibly take in trades of other boxes. So I hit him up with an offer and trading in my old snap on up right tool box I bought in the early 90ís that was a repo. Bought it crazy cheap and got the tool guy to replace all the ball bearing guides as the fuck wit who lost it messed them up being an asshole. Beyond my belief the guy went for it. He wanted more money but I said it was as high as I could go. He said ok and we made the deal. I thought it was probably a fake deal but he stayed in good communication with me which was a good sign. When we made the deal and swapped out boxes he told me what he was doing. Him and his wife were moving way up north to Wisconsin to get away from the Missouri heat. I get that for sure. He suffers from the same thing I do but a bit more extreme. Canít sweat and then the body over heats easily. He had a medical term for it. His wife is the money maker as sheís a traveling nurse. He does body work out of his garage and had a badass 80ís ford crew cab he was working on. I didnít ask why he wanted to do the tool box thing but I figured he didnít want to move it up north.

Anywho I couldnít pass the deal up at all. These boxes kick ass and have tons of storage room for their size.

My old box I traded to him

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