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Originally Posted by donb View Post

Anyway - I would suggest a modern 27.5 full sussy rig if you can swing it price wise. PB just had an article on one for around $2k that they loved. If you are trying to keep it at that $1k price point then a modern geo 27.5 or 29Ē HT from the PB classifieds or FB Marketplace as guys are always upgrading.

Iím on a 3rd Gen Santa Cruz Nomad C that I built up from mostly used stuff last year. It is crazy how much it can do (lift assist to multi hour pedals) and itís dated at this point.

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Thanks for your input, good food for thought.

Originally Posted by 94toytruck View Post
26 vs. 29 is a huge difference, 26 vs. 27.5 hardly noticeable, 27.5 vs. 29 still a pretty big difference. A 27.5+ is roughly the same OD as a normal 29 though. All of my bikes are 27.5 or 27.5+ except my old Banshee Paradox which is bolted into a trainer with a 700 road tire on it. I personally like 27.5 better, its a stronger wheel, for me I can interchange tires back and forth and I feel its a bit easy to move around. A 29 does have better roll over if your riding rough terrain which is something to really consider.

My Primal is aluminum, its a plus bike the tire absorb a ton. I bought the frame new as a leftover. Everything else was used, cheap or I had it.

Frame-new ebay
Headset-new ebay
Marzocchi NCR350 - used had
Stans Sentrys, Recon 2.8s and cassette - used ebay
Sram XO crank, BB and 32 ring - used
Shimano 11spd der/shifter - used
Chromag BZA bars - used had
Chromag Hifi 35 - new ebay
Grips - freebies
KS LEV - used - ebay
Hope x2 brakes - used had

OK so I had a few more parts than I thought but its a pretty badass bike cheap. I rode it more this year than my Slash by a good bit. Not sure if this link will work... https://www.instagram.com/p/B3algQeH..._web_copy_link
You had most of the parts

Thanks for sharing the build, I like that frame. I still have an old Soul Cycles Titan that I think has pretty similar geometry- was looking for something along those lines but in steel. The Titan I have is beat and is a 26'er- Good wall ornament though.

Originally Posted by 4x4junk View Post
Looks like a good deal $$ wise. It's hard to answer if it would be a good bike for you, not knowing where you ride. I would say, if you ride where the fat tires would help, a bigger diameter would help more. If the fat tires aren't needed I wouldn't want them. It looks like a fun bike though.
The terrain varies wildly here. I will probably use it mostly on buffed out desert single track (little elevation/smoother) vs. bigger mountain terrain with lots of elevation/rockier.
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