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Im over in kennewick Washington, unfortunately local suppliers have to order everything.

Originally Posted by tracyb View Post
6061 isn't meant to be bent, you can get away with it but it depends on the clr radius of the die and the degree of bend. in most cases, at the least, some minor tearing will happen and it defeats the pupose of 6061.

6063 is the alloy you should be using for bending.

yes delrin/acetal and proper lube help. but going to 6063 alloy will in most every case be a better, stronger bend, less prone to failure.

edit* i see your also in Wa, every aluminuim supplier i've dealt with in sizes under 2" carries it in both 6061 and 6063. call Alaska Co. they are the top tier in aluminum distribution and will ship even small quantity to nearly any location. except where i'm at, i'm one bridge to far for them...
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