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Originally Posted by WTF? View Post
i believe my optimal solution is a pallet jack type walk behind/ telescoping battery powered forklift which lends particularly well since my top shelf will likely be 10' and also consumes a smaller footprint to store for the 99.9% of the time i spend in there not using it.

I worked at Lowes hardware in the lumber dept one summer in college, and made a hell of a mess on the sand/ concrete gravel aisle with motor powered sit on forklifts ( tearing bags etc), enough to know that i want more precision/ surgical delicacy in material placement.
I have one of those and its nice.
There are 2 kinds, mine is a straddle type (has 2 legs that stick out 4' forward of the mast and the back sticks out ~2 feet behind the mast), you have to keep the floor under the bottom layer on the pallet rack clear to make that work (with lifting, pulling back, setting it down and pushing in you can work around a set of cabinets under the pallet rack).
Straddle Type:

The other kind is a counterbalance type (more like a regular forklift, but with a pallet jack type handle) and it works well, but takes more space (4-6 feet behind the mast, plus the length of the forks) to store.

Whatever you do, ONLY get one that is electric driven. Pushing a manual one with a few pieces of 1/4" pieces of gravel on the floor is an exercise in frustration.

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