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Originally Posted by BarrelRoll View Post
I'm not ruling one out, I've had one for 15ish years but only worked out of it for 1 1/2 years and the majority of my junk was in a truck and not in it. I just don't see them lasting well with a lot of heavy crap in them. My boss bought one for our water treatment plant, I'll have to go see how it's holding up but they really don't use it all that much.
I'm a finance guy so the HF box is 1/4 of the low end of your budget...

So between a 10 yr old truck branded box for 3-4x the cost, or a new US general, we're wondering about wearing out??

as i said, if you get into it a yr or 2-3 and don't like how its wearing, you can sell it for less than $10/mo loss.
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