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Originally Posted by clb 017 View Post
The trailmart leaves on my taco are awful soft, dickhead p.o. Wanted to lower it so he pulled out 2-3??? (I fergot) of the leaves no bump stops, essed the remaining leaves!
Even with a fresh pack on all 4 corners they sag like a broham in the hood...
MY .02....Buy\build non chinamart springs!
I think I'll probably pull 1-2 from the front/rear packs to get it where I want it and in the meantime look for some RUFs. This will at least get me in the ball park of where I'd like to be and see what kind of issues I'll run in to with clearance etc... I agree with you though. Wish I didn't have these damn springs under the truck. I didn't know any better 8-10 yrs ago.
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