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alright, some install pictures in case anybody is ever dumb enough to do this in the future, but is hesitant because there are no pictures

shaft post turning, lots of meat left there

Name:  IMG_2880.jpg
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studs that orielly had in stock, 1995 Toyota 4runner front studs

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studs pressed in without issue

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and everything all together using the pre-existing caliper mount. no real issues, though it seems like grinding a touch off the caliper ears would help. previous solid axle calipers had about a .090" shim (or so, I didn't measure or look closely)

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the SA calipers were mounted about 1/16" too high, the IFS calipers using the same mounts are about 1/8" too high. I'm not sure that I will change the mounts....but maybe

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certainly good enough for moving it in and out of the garage for a bit
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