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Had a long talk with myself about project next steps, involving a few beers instead of getting any real work done. I believe I have decided to leave the front half, half done and get started on the rear. I had a few options:
- throw together a makeshift fuel system, buy rest of engine parts and start motor
- finish out steering and front brakes lines, install cab
- Leave the worn out stock leaves in and half-ass the rear suspension enough to get it rolling/drivable

Big tires are cool so I think I need to get it sitting on the 40s even though it should make things more difficult. The bed really needs to come off to clean frame and redo the spring hangers, but it's full of crap. So need to clean it out and find a home for all the stuff including the bed itself. I plan to make a wooden frame/trailer chassis to make the bed portable, using the old rear D60, leaves & wheels. Then get new springs and axle installed so it can roll on the big rubber.

Plan to use some chebby 63s, move stock hangers forward (if they are correct width), custom fab some rear hangers for shackle flip, and run a block as needed. I think I need 8" over the 2wd setup it has now.

Once rolling move on to the fuel system including a high capacity tank. Looking at blazer/burb tanks in 31 gallon at 28"x28"x12". For EFI one tank is preferred, but pump doesn't have to be in the tank. Will have to fab all mounting brackets, fill/vent hoses, a ford gauge compatible sending unit and a few other things. This should keep me busy for the foreseeable future.
72 F-250 Explorer 2WD to 4WD conversion 460, C6, NP205, D60/S10.25, 40s
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