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Originally Posted by boardbysled View Post
I picked up a bluetooth dongle and was able to use OBD Fusion on my Andriod. You have to buy a licence for each vehicle you are looking to scan, but it was only $30 all said and done.
For Android, get Torque Pro and you can read everything that OBD Fusion can with unlimited vehicles for $5 (plus the cost of the adapter) and it supports extended PIDs (readable datapoints) for a lot more manufacturers and read all generic codes.
Neither will let you read/clear ABS or manufacturer specific codes though.
ForScan (Windows) and ForScan Lite are free and will let you read ALL Ford error codes (as well as program keys, turn features on and off, etc in the Windows version).
I borrowed an Innova 31603 from a guy at work to read/clear ABS codes on a 2005 Yukon and it did well.

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