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Originally Posted by yota-tota View Post
Thanks man!

Heres some numbers i got for the front

Lowers - 30 long, ~ 2 below the frame, maybe 30 horizontal at the axle and 28 at the frame....might need to go a little more on the frame end.
Uppers - 31 long, ~ 2 above the frame so 4 of vertical and 4 of horizontal between upper and lower at the frame and 11 horizontal at the axle maybe 9-9.5 of vertical at the axle.
Panhard - 32 long not sure if u need numbers on axle end hight or frame end. Would be parallel with draglink.

Gonna run 12 2.5 sway away air shocks i already have with as little lift as i can get away with. Got the link numbers from a linked Ftoy.
alright, so the numbers for the program are based on their location relative to the axle | (x) and the frame center line -- (y) and from the ground _ (z)

so I made my best guess as to what you meant also, center of gravity, weight and wheel base all play a role as well.

When you say "link is 31" long" are you talking about the physical length of the link eye to eye (which is the hypotenuse of the triangle) or "the axle eye mount will be 31" forward of the frame eye mount" ?

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