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Originally Posted by broncokyle88 View Post
I frequently check in on him on Instagram. He hasnít done much with it recently. I know he is getting divorced (I believe he mentioned it in this thread too) and it looks like heís just taking some time to dick off with four wheelers and party with his friends. Iím sure heíll get back at it after a while, but we can all understand getting a little burnt out on a years long project like this. Especially after nuking a second transmission that is not at all cheap to build. Saying fuck it for a year or so and getting your personal affairs back in order before continuing on with the build might just be what the doctor ordered to help get over the frustrations of trying to make every last thing in this truck perfect.

He did engineer and build the least ghetto gooseneck to bumper pull adapter Iíve ever seen in order to pull a car trailer loaded down with quads with a party ex-school bus. We will have to see if my retarded ass can remember how to post pictures
and you didn't even post the username.
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