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Originally Posted by Sully
Tom, I wondered when you were going to pop into this thread.
Didn't feel I had much to contribute, until DJ's comment.

Believe it or not, your reccomendations about Comer and the quality of his work and his character were a big part of my decision to go with him.

As I'm sure they have been for many others.

Unfortunately, my experience could not have been more of a polar opposite from what you describe.
My apologies for the troubles I've caused you, Sully. I've been happy, though obviously not everyone has.

John may be your friend, and I'm sorry for having called out your friend. But I think John probably owes some people apologies as well.
He may be my friend, but he's not my employer, parent, or child - you're not hurting my feelings, though I am disappointed in the whole situation.
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