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TOM, The trouble is NOT with other vendors, so quit trying to cover Comer's ass with someone elseís. That is not justification for what Mr. Comer has done. Other vendors are not the issue here. I have recently spent $1,000s with IH vendors and others in the past 2 months with no issues. I just spent almost $300.00 with Scout FX right now.
Mr. Comer is the one that STOLE Sully's money. So paint it like I know you will, but Sully was ripped off. That is a fact. Get it strait. All you are showing me and others is your lack of integrity and sense of right. Like I said once and I say it again, IMO a person who will support a person who STEALS from others is a Roach. Period! If my opinion upsets you, thatís tough shit. You opinion means nothing to me.
As far as other roaches on this IH board, Iím not aware of them. Just the one Iím speaking to.
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