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Rockwell - 49 Irok - 79 bronco build

I am building a 79 bronco with rockwells and 49 inch iroks, usa 6x6 20x14 two piece wheels, double triangulated 4 link and coil springs, not really sure how to post pics, I have tried but cant seem to make it work, I can post some pics if someone here can help me out. Lowers are 60 inches, kinda long but will have to wait and see, made from 2" OD .500 wall dom, and the uppers are 48 inches, 1.5 3/8 wall dom. Never done a 4 link but I have read alot on here and I hope that I have it close. 460 big block, nothin special, C6 auto, 205 t-case, and maybe a 203 doubler, I have the range box but not the adapter. Front and rear steer, full hydraulic double ended ram, it is a 2.5 x 1.5 x 8 inch stroke, I know I have left some stuff out, I will add as I go, please give any feedback and ask any questions, thanks.
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