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Originally Posted by barrysuperhawk
#3 It seems I can get a junkyard motor dropped in for less than a grand, total [$300 labor, $600 motor.].
#4 What are the odds that I just put a head gasket in it, and have that work?
#6 If I do have bent valves and stuff, is it likely that I could get away with putting a head on it, or should I skip directly to the junkyard motor?
#3) Better the Devil you know... Spending $900 on the engine that you have will probably be much more productive than getting a whole new set of isues from a junkyard.

#4) Probably pretty good. - if there are actually no bent valves

#6) See 3 & 4 above. But if you find bent valves, remember that something bent them. - Meaning... replace the cam and lifters along with the pushrods and heads.
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