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Originally Posted by rockcity
My point is that when used properly, it shouldn't be a problem. If the strap breaks, then there is another problem that hasn't been addressed (insufficient/damaged strap)...

there is a different problem here other than using a shackle to join 2 straps

straps in poor condition=breaking straps
overloading straps=breaking straps

These are the problems. People use straps that are not up to the task...

OK, you drive your Jeep down the road and your old/worn out steering fails and you hit a car head on, do we try to figure out how to keep from hitting people head on, or do we try to fix the old/worn out steering???
When steering breaks, something is gonna happen. Does that mean we quit driving all together???

Actually fix the problem and everything else will fall in line, shackle or no shackle.

Yes there is a danger with them in yanking people out of a situation (because people have poor recovery equipment), but with tip top straps (should be checked every trip and before/after every recovery), you should be fine. My equipment is in tip top shape. I check it every time I use it and before I use it, its just habit. I won't do it with someone else's equipment, but I do with my own.

Why not focus on NOT using damaged/old/worn/rotten straps/rope. This seems to be the culprit for most strap failure, which in turn causes damage or injury

waiting for the flame
Not flaming, but you have to be realistic. I work in the entertainment industry and have been rigging my whole career, and nothing I have rigged has ever broken or fallen. Why? Because I have access to the best equipment and if I have any doubts if that the 5/8" shackle I'm using is not strong enough, I go and get a 3/4" shackle. It's a proceedure that has served me well.

The problem on the trail is people that have 2" Canyon Crawler straps, and they're cut, or old or just too weak to pull out a 6000lb vehicle that is stuck behind a rock, or in mud. Or people that are using 5/16" wire rope, (10,900 burst strength), on a big vehicle and shock loading it. That's reality, so that's why I won't use two straps shackled to each other in most situations. Sure, if we could get everybody to carry 6" straps and make sure they're recovery points are sound, then we could eliminate these scenario's, but that's going to take time and you're never going to eliminate stupidity altogether.

I have 3/8" Synthetic rope on my Warn HS9500, and feel WAY more comfortable about it now. No, it's not the fault of the shackle, but it's like the old mantra, "Grenades don't kill people...it's the shrapnel that does it!"
Originally Posted by Mustard Dog
Me and my co driver were running across the Lakebed on our way to pre run when we saw :gary: walking his dog.

We didn't stop to say hi cause he's a fucking douchebag.
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