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Speed Sensor Help...

OK. Posted this in the chevy section without much help, so i guess ill ask here.

Here we go. So, iu just did a sas on my truck (a 1992 Full Size Blazer with a 5.7 liter, TBI, 700r4 and np241(stock))

I took out the np241 and replaced it with a np208. My np241 had the vss built into it. My 208 doesent. SO, in order to still get my vss signal, i bought a 60115 from painless. This is a vss which screws into the mechanical output on the 208 and creates an electical signal.

Now, heres the fun part. My speedo is also electronic. The 2 original wires coming from my original vss are High and Low (not sure what this means). I think they run into a Buffer to change that signal from a digital signal to a voltage signal. I know the ECM takes a volatge signal, which is what this after market vss puts out. When i run the wire from the new vss straight to the ecm speed sensor input it works great. No VSS fault, my computer sees the speed reading and its all good. BUT, my speedo doesnt work.

I need to know if i can split the wire off my new vss into one that goes to the ecm and one that goes to the speedo. Also... if the speedo uses a voltage signal to work or a digital signal. If it uses a digital signal i wont have a speedo...

any inpout would be great. I dont have ANY wiring diagrams and am out of the loop so to speak

thanks alot guys
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