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Originally Posted by joshfj40
that makes no sense whatsoever. are you saying you also need to phase your shafts before turning your arb on? or some how make the detroit engage only when your shafts are in sync?? must be hard to turn with an open front diff also since there not gonna be lined up. the u joints dont care what the other one is doing
It makes alot of sense when you consider the ellipsoidal velocities of the joints. Surely you've felt, when under hard lock on slickrock, your locked front axle doing that "lurching" thing.

It's like, when you're putting inners into a welded steering axle, why NOT phase them correctly? Why doom yourself to an axle that will NEVER have constant velocities at the wheel?

It takes 3 more minutes of work to mark the shafts and get everything dialled so that you phase the joints, and your junk won't be fighting itself every time you turn the wheel.

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