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Man....it's harder to tell you than to show someone....1st. I like 35 and 7, when you light the torch...back off the acytene till it, "the flame" jumps back to the torch, no gap. Then set the oxy. to a neutral flame....now push the oxy. lever down and trim the flame as a neutral with the cutting lever down. If cutting plate everything works better if it's clean, rust on the back makes it tougher, once you preheat the spot to start, wait to see a small puddle and start into it with the cutting lever down. Keep tip about straight or a very small amount angled ahead. The cutting head preheat holes in the tip will preheat it...try it vertical. Go slow and stay comfortable...get a good rest for your arm...a big fire brick is nice, and get it...you metal butcher!!!!!
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